Insolvency & Bankruptcy


  • Pre-Insolvency advisory
  • Initiating Insolvency
  • Demand Notice under Section 8 of IBC, 2016
  • Representation before NCLT, NCLAT
  • Assisting Resolution Professional in conducting Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process
  • Assistance in drafting Resolution Plans
  • Facilitating Committee of Creditors (COC) Meetings
  • Facilitating E-voting
  • Facilitating in Publications
  • Corporate Restructuring
  • Liquidation & Winding up
  • Insolvency Resolution Professional Services
  • Assisting Liquidator in conducting Liquidation Process
  • Challenging Resolution Process
  • Cases arising out of conflicts and non-performance of Resolution Plans
  • Voluntary Liquidation

Following are some instances of proceedings under IBC, 2016:

  1. Application under Section 7 of IBC 2016 on behalf of Financial Creditors
  2. Application under Section 9 of IBC 2016 on behalf of Operational Creditors
  3. Application under Section 10 of IBC 2016 on behalf of Corporate Debtors
  4. Application for extension of CIRP period beyond 180 days under Section 12 of IBC, 2016
  5. Application for withdrawal of CIRP under Section 12A of IBC, 2016
  6. Application against Promoters/others for non-cooperation in CIRP/Liquidation Process under Section 19 (2) of IBC, 2016
  7. Appointment/ Replacement of Resolution Professional under Section 22 of IBC, 2016
  8. Filing avoidance applications for Resolution Professionals 
  9. Application for approval of Resolution Plan
  10. Application for Liquidation
  11. Application against Preferential, Undervalued, Extortionate and Fraudulent transactions under Section 43, 45, 50 and 66 of IBC, 2016
  12. Appeals to NCLAT and Supreme Court

Notable Cases:

  1. Representing Resolution Professional (now Liquidator) in ‘Supreme Tex Mart Ltd’ (a listed company) and handling all diverse litigations and strategies under various provisions of IBC. 
  2. Getting Resolution Plan approved representing Resolution Professional in case of ‘Mohak Carpets Ltd.’ In NCLT.
  3. Representing Resolution Applicant in ‘Koachar Overseas Pvt Ltd.’ in NCLT and NCLAT for approval of Resolution plan and getting liquidation stayed, respectively. 
  4. Representing ‘Avon Ispat & Power Ltd’ against RP of ‘Rolex Cycles Pvt Ltd’ in a fraudulent transactions application.
  5. Representing Statutory Auditor in “Lakshmi Precision Screws” (Listed Company) against the allegations of Misconduct levelled by Resolution Professional.