Intellectual Property Rights



Registrations/ Renewals Patents
Trademarks Anti-counterfeit actions
Geographical Indication Registrations & Opposition Proceedings
Copyrights Criminal complaints 
Filing / Defending Objections Know-how protection
IPR infringements Domain Names
Integrated Rights Madrid Protocol
In this rapidly improving and changing atmosphere in the IP field, the firm is geared to advise its clients on how to develop, register and protect their IP portfolio. The Firm facilitates and synergizes the creation of Intellectual Property protection law, the prosecution, enforcement and ultimately the strengthening of the same in India and worldwide.


The Firm provides an in-depth analysis of the availability and registrability of a trademark and provides assistance in every step of the registration process and maintenance of the trademark post-registration. We provide the following services:-

  • Searching for the availability pf a trademark and investigation for conflicting marks
  • Filing of application for registration of a trademark;
  • Filing objections/reply before registrar;
  • Opinion on suits for injunctions, passing off, infringements and rendition of accounts;
  • Protection of trademark;
  • Renewals
  • Licensing and commercialization

Copyright Laws

Under Copyright law in India, the copyright is exclusively provided to the creator of the work and specifically provides amongst other rights, the right to prevent others from reproducing, selling or licensing the work. We provide the following services

  • Registration and Validity of Copyright
  • Music Copyright in Punjab, Chandigarh, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Delhi
  • Civil and Criminal complaints in case of infringement of copyright
  • Registration of Copyright
  • Copyright Design Protection
  • Cancellation of design

Patent Laws

Our Firm assists the clients in developing, protecting and enforcing their patent filling rights in a wide range of technology domains. We Provide the following services:-

  • Patent filing and prosecution
  • Patent drafting
  • Searching for the patent design
  • Sealing, Grant and Validity
  • Revocation of patents
  • Filing suit for infringement