Startup Advisory

Startup Advisory

    • Business/ Company Formation
    • Business Registrations
    • GST, FSSAI, IEC, DSC, 
    • Trademark / Copyright registrations
    • Compliances and filings under Company Law, Income Tax, GST, FEMA
    • Commercial Contracts/ agreements
    • India Entry Strategy
    • Exit strategy for Shareholders/ Investors
  • Shareholder/ Co-founders agreement
  • Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) protection
  • Data Privacy and Protection
  • Fund Raising
  • Employment, Policies and Stock Options
  • Conducting Board and Shareholders Meetings
  • Drafting Minutes, Resolutions
  • ROC, RBI filings
From formalising a founders’ agreement to safeguarding intellectual property to enforcing business contracts, it is essential that entrepreneurs are aware and up to date with the latest laws governing their business and market.

Formalising a Business Structure

We assist the sole proprietor, private limited company, public limited company, partnership, limited liability partnership to pay attention to basic rules and regulations before incorporating the business. We assist our clients in registering, followed through online modes like acquiring Digital signature Certificate, Director Identification Number, Filing of e-forms and user registration and thereafter incorporating it.
we provide a broad range of services to emerging companies. It includes:
  • Deep understanding of how companies are formed, financed, grown and taken public or merged.
  • Guidance at all stages, from initial funding through IPOs and mergers.
  • Guidance on business model issues, fundraising strategy and development of quality investor. Materials suitable for meaningful evaluation.
  • Invest in off-the-clock meetings with management and the Board.
  • Practice legal advice, delivered with sound business judgment.

Document review

Corporate documents like shareholder agreements, company constitutions, and investment documents are often a huge concern for our clients since they are usually presented by other parties. Clients also ask us to review commercial agreements presented by their contractors.

Preparation of documents

Along with reviewing corporate and commercial documents, we often prepare client and user policies, user agreements, and terms.

Board management and compliance

We frequently help companies that are just getting started with various aspects of board management and statutory compliance. Our firm helps prevent oversights and ensure that the best legal practices in the respective industry are followed.

Hiring and employment matters

Employment matters usually involve preparation of employment agreements. Here we can also include relations with freelancers as well as non-competition and non-disclosure agreements for employees, as well as various vesting programs.

Intellectual property protection

The brand and know-how are among the most valuable resources of every starting business, especially for tech startups. We can help with trademark registration, copyright issues, and the protection of trade secrets.

Vesting options (Employee Stock Option Plans)

Vesting is a popular scheme for many employers and local law offers various options for employees to purchase or otherwise acquire company shares. Our firm can help you set up your vesting scheme in full compliance with statutory requirements.


We advise founders, executives and investors on tax matters at each stage of the business growth cycle. From formation to financing to exit, we provide guidance on structuring transactions and ongoing counsel for tax planning and compliance issues. We recognize that tax advantages and business purposes often conflict, and we’re adept at figuring out how to achieve the right balance to serve your needs.

Data Privacy and Protection

We continue to manage more and more data, the focus must change to protect privacy and avoid breaches. Our firm is active at every level of regulation and can assist in preparing organizations for compliance. From CISO Support as a Service to Assessments, and even going down the checklist of what is required, we are able to offer guidance and experience in your path to compliance.