Technology, Media and Telecommunications.

Technology, Media and Telecommunications

Technology, Media and Telecommunications.

Internet based disputes

Infringement of Right

Data Protection and Privacy

Technology transfer agreements

Data Transfer and sharing

Artificial Intelligence

Electronic Contracts

Digital Electronic Certificates

Blockchain Technology

Media and Communications

Regulatory, Policy and Compliance issues

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The Firm’s lawyers are experienced in bringing together law, technology, and business to address clients’ needs. Our team acts for both suppliers and customer organisations in both the public and private sectors. Clients include technology suppliers, multinational companies, central Government departments, international telecoms providers and technology companies exploring new markets and products. We provide the following services:-

  • Advice on software licensing, acquisition of professional services, ISP service agreements.
  • Advice on electronic contracting, copyrights, privacy, security, online sales, and information technology-related compliance and taxation issues.
  • Advice on tax issues arising out of cross border electronic contracting Structuring professional service agreements, NDAs.
  • Negotiating electronic data interchange and integration agreements that help enable clients to maintain the viability of their relationships with suppliers and customers.
  • Preparation and negotiation of procurement contracts, XML and EDI transaction agreements, providing, providing counselling with respect to auctions and long-term sales and buyer contracts and procurement disclosure.
  • Advice on privacy, encryption and security related issues.
  • Litigating disputes arising out of technology-based disputes.


Lexlit has an extensive understanding of the issues that involve the internet, cybersecurity, data privacy, encryption and other related matters. We provide the following services:_

  • Security procedure for electronic records and digital signature.
  • Proceedings before Certifying Authorities and Controller of Certifying Authorities.
  • Procedure before Certifying authorities to obtain License to issue digital signature certificates.
  • Various types of computer crimes defined under the I.T. Act 2000.
  • Proceedings before Adjudicating Officer.
  • Proceeding and enquiry/inquiries are done by adjudication officers under the IT Act.
  • Proceeding before Cyber Appellate Tribunal.
  • Appeal from an order of Adjudicating Officer to Cyber Appellate Tribunal.
  • Appeal from an order of Cyber Appellate Tribunal to High Court.
  • Complaints pertaining to the offences or contraventions committed outside India.
  • Credit card frauds.
  • Helping in issuance or renewal of a licence.
  • Online unfair usage of rights or infringement of rights